WebAthletics participates in rehabilitation projects for the elderly and for patients with Chronic Heart Failure, COPD, Parkinson and Obesity. Together with universities and research agencies, we develop and implement innovative solutions in the field of medical fitness. Please contact us if your project requires serious gaming skills, mobile app technology or interactive 3D simulations.


  • MIRA Biomedical Technology And Technical Medicine


  • Roessing Research and Development


  • University of Twente



Oculus Rift Virtual RealityWe’re the first solution provider in the world that can integrate 3D virtual coaching, web racing (multiplayer), games and real live video in one platform to create a seamless user experience. This makes us your number one solution provider for Serious Gaming and Medical Fitness projects.

Oculus Rift Virtual RealityWebAthletics is an Online Serious Gaming Platform with 3D apps that connects to your hometrainer, crosstrainer or treadmill. Our app runs native in the console or can be downloaded via the app store.

Oculus Rift Virtual RealityiOS, Android, Windows Phone, Windows, Max OSX, Linux, PS3, XBOX 360 and Wii U. Our Platform and Apps are compatible with all common devices. Simply download it from the app-store.